Methane Utilization or Reduction

This kind of projects mainly including: Rice Field Water Management, Methane utilization of Animal Farm, Wastewater Treatment

Research on rice cultivation shows that water saving measures, such as controlling of irrigation, alternation of wetting and drying could effectively reduce the emission of CH4. Ditches constructed in the project area could manage the water in rice paddies, alternating continuous flooding in the field with intermittent flooding. It will lead to less CH4 emissions because the CH4 emissions from the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter under flooded condition of the paddy are lowered.

  • The ditches was constructed after 2021 or is planned to be constructed in the near future

  • Single cropping rice of 20 thousand hectares or double cropping rice of 5 thousand hectares

Animal manure treatment factories could reduce the CH4 and N2O emissions from natural decomposition of manures. Generated biogas and fertilizer have wide usage. Methane can be used as a heat source for drying, and methane can be used for power generation.

It is suggested to cooperate with farms with more than 5000 cattle, 50000 pigs or 500,000 chicken(the farm is installed with equipment of  methane treatment ), or cooperate with company  which produces organic fertilizer by animal manures . The project should start to operate within the recent 1 year, or under construction, or in plan but have necessary documents construction or before its construction.

The wastewater plant treats wastewater with high COD value through anaerobic treatment. Such wastewater is generally generated from potato chip plants, cassava starch plants, etc. The discharged wastewater contains a large amount of organic matter. If the wastewater treatment plant operated within one year or is about to be operated, such projects can be declared as carbon emission project.

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